International Conference on

Quantum Magnetism and Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Models

May 11-15, 2022
Yerevan, Armenia

The conference is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Prof. Ananikian

2022 is marked by the 70-th anniversary of an outstanding scientist, professor Nerses Ananikian, who is one of the leading experts in the field of Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Magnetism in Armenia.  Since 1978, immediately after his graduation from Yerevan State University, he has been working in Yerevan Physics Institute (today’s Alikhanian National Laboratory). In early 80s, Nerses Ananikian was one of the authors of a very successful lattice model of polypeptide conformation transition, based on a long-range Potts-like model. Afterwards, he had a lot of results on phase transitions in infinite dimensional lattices. In recent years he has focused his research on quantum and thermal entanglement in spin models and molecular magnets. Professor Nerses Ananikian supervised many of PhD students, who later became distinguished scientists in various fields of theoretical physics.
The conference is dedicated to our teacher Nerses Ananikian, a  founder of scientific school in Armenia.



The conference is aimed to bring together world leading experts and young researchers in the field of quantum magnetism and statistical mechanics of lattice models.

Main Topics

  1. Low-dimensional quantum magnetism
  2. Molecular magnets
  3. Magnons and spin-waves
  4. Integrable models
  5. Spintronics
  6. Magnetocaloric effect
  7. Magnetoelectric effect
  8. Graphene and carbon nanotubes
  9. Localized state and flat bands
  10. Phase transitions and criticality
  11. Statistics of classical lattice models
  12. Quantum and thermal entanglement

Invited Speakers (updating)

  1. Roberto Artuso, Insubria University, Como, Italy
  2. Sergej Flach, IBS-PCS, Daejeon, Korea
  3. Andreas Honecker, CY Cergy Paris Universite, France
  4. George Japaridze, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  5. Ralph Kenna, Coventry University, UK
  6. Johannes Richter, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany
  7. George Savvidy, Demokritos National Research Centre, Greece
  8. Jozef Strečka, Jozef Safarik University, Slovakia
  9. Hrachya Babujian, AANL, Armenia
  10. Andrea Trombettoni, University of Trieste, Italy

Participants (updating)

  1. Vahagn Abgaryan, JINR, Russia
  2. Zhirayr Adamyan, YSU, Armenia
  3. Armen Allahverdyan, A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (YerPhi), Armenia
  4. Gayane Amatuni, CANDLE, Armenia
  5. Nerses AnanikianA. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (YerPhi), Armenia
  6. Lev AnanikyanA. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (YerPhi), Armenia
  7. Alexei Andreanov, PCS IBS, Daejeon, South Korea
  8. Maria Apitonian, AANL, Armenia
  9. Hamid Arian Zad, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University ,Košice, Slovakia
  10. Roberto ArtusoInsubria University, Como, Italy
  11. Artak Avetisyan, YSU, Armenia
  12. Maneh Avetisyan, AANL, Armenia
  13. Alexander Ayriyan, JINR, Russia
  14. Hrachya Babujian, AANL, Armenia
  15. Hrachya BabujyanYSU , Armenia
  16. Stefano Bellucci, INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Italy
  17. Giacomo Bighin, Heidelberg University, Germany
  18. Mohammad Bohloul, University of Tabriz, Iran
  19. Ruben  Dallakyan, AANL, Armenia
  20. Dobromila DankovaPavol Jozef Šafárik University ,Košice, Slovakia
  21. Anahit Djotyan, YSU, Armenia
  22. Sergej FlachIBS-PCS, Daejeon, Korea
  23. Stela Galstyan, AANL, Armenia
  24. Shota Garuchava, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  25. Hermine Gharagulyan, A.B. Nalbandyan Institute of Chemical Physics, Armenia
  26. Giacomo Gori, SISSA, Italy
  27. Saeed Haddadi, Semnan University, Iran
  28. Tigran Hakobyan, Yerevan State University, Armenia
  29. Andreas HoneckerCY Cergy Paris Universite, France
  30. Vahan Hovhannisyan, AANL, Armenia
  31. Mikayel Ivanyan, CANDLE, Armenia
  32. Nikolay Izmailian, AANL, Armenia
  33. Roza Izmailyan, Institute of Molecular Biology, Yerevan, Armenia
  34. George Japaridze, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  35. Erekle JmukhadzeIlia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  36. Kianoosh Kargar, Kashan University, Iran
  37. Ralph KennaCoventry University, UK
  38. Vitaly Khachatryan, CANDLE, Armenia
  39. Albert Kirakosyan, YSU, Armenia
  40. Levon Mardoyan, Yerevan State University, Armenia
  41. Narek  Margaryan, AANL, Armenia
  42. Yeghvard Melikyan, A.B. Nalbandyan Institute of Chemical Physics, Armenia
  43. Syuzanna MkrtchyanYerevan State University, Armenia
  44. Vladimir Morozov, Yerevan State University, Armenia
  45. Parvaneh Najmadi, Payame Noor University, Iran
  46. Armen Nersessian, A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (YerPhi), Armenia
  47. Vadim Ohanyan, Yerevan State University, Armenia
  48. Koryun OganesyanAANL, Armenia
  49. Vladimir Osipov, JINR, Russia
  50. Vladimir Papoyan, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia
  51. Natalia Perkins, University of Minnesota, USA
  52. Rubik Poghossian, AANL, Armenia
  53. Hasmik Poghosyan, AANL, Armenia
  54. Hayk Poghosyan, AANL, Armenia
  55. Mohammad Reza Pourkarimi, Salman Farsi University of Kazerun, Iran
  56. Ilhom Rahmonov, JINR, Russia
  57. Revaz Ramazashvili, Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Toulouse, France
  58. Johannes RichterOtto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany
  59. Aram Saharian, YSU, Armenia
  60. George Savvidy, Demokritos National Research Centre, Greece
  61. Michael Sekania, Martin-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
  62. Yury Shurkinov, JINR, Russia
  63. Jozef StreckaPavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia
  64. Nikita Ter-Oganessian, Southern Federal University, Russia
  65. Astghik Torosyan, JINR, Russia
  66. Andrea TrombettoniUniversity of Trieste, Italy
  67. Astghik Tsokolakyan, A.B. Nalbandyan Institute of Chemical Physics, Armenia
  68. Azam ZoshkiPavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia
  69. Augusto Smerzi, QSTAR, INO-CNR and LENS, Firenze, Italy
  70. Ruben Mkrtchyan, AANL, Armenia
  71. Hayk Mikayelyan, YSU, Armenia



Organizing Committee

Vadim Ohanyan (co-chairman), YSU

Vahan Hovhanissyan (co-chairman), AANL (YerPhI)

Mariam Stepanyan (secretary), AANL (YerPhI)

Gayane Amatuni (secretary), CANDLE

Vladimir Papoyan, JINR

Lev Ananikyan, AANL (YerPhI)

Zhirayr Adamyan, YSU

Hayk Poghosyan, AANL (YerPhI)

International Advisory Committee

Nerses Ananikian (Armenia)
Roberto Artuso (Italy)
Bertrand Berche (France)
Oleg Derzhko (Ukraine)

George Japarizde (Georgia)

Nikolay Izmailian (Armenia)
Michal Jaščur (Slovakia)
Ralph Kenna (UK)
Alexei Kolezhuk (Ukraine)
Armen Nersesyan (Armenia)
Vladimir Osipov (Russia)
Johannes Richter (Germany)
Stefano Ruffo (Italy)
Jozef Strečka (Slovakia)
Andrea Trombettoni (Italy)

Important Dates

February 10, 2022
Registration start
May 01, 2022
Registration end
February 10, 2022
Abstract submission start
April 25, 2022
Abstract submission end
May 11, 2022
Conference start
May 15, 2022
Conference end


Conference Fee

Regular fee250 EUR
Reduced fee *100 EUR
Fee for accompanying person100 EUR

Restricted amount of financial support is available for young researchers. For any details, please contanct the organizing committe.

Regular fee includes access to oral and poster sessions, abstracts and conference programme, participant kit, welcome party, conference reception, access to social programme and coffee breaks

Reduced fee includes access to  oral and poster sessions, abstracts and conference programme, participant kit, welcome party, conference reception, access to social programme and coffee breaks

Fee for accompanying person includes welcome party, conference reception, access to social programme Please note that fee for accompanying person does not include access to the oral and poster sessions.

Attendees are required to wear name badges to enter all conference events.


Armenian Visa information

Citizens of many countries do not need a visa
to travel to Armenia. In other cases, the visa
can be obtained at the airport, upon arrival.
For more detailed information see


Programm online (updated)
Programm (Pdf)

Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts (Pdf)

Abstract submission

The conference is aimed to bring together world leading experts and young researchers in the field of quantum magnetism and statistical mechanics of lattice models.

Presentation guideline

The conference format includes three types of oral presentation: invited talk (duration 1 hour including questions), regular talk ( duration 30 minutes including questions) and short communication (15 minutes including questions). Also a poster session is planned within the scope of the conference.

Conference Venue

Coming soon


There are direct flights between Yerevan and many European cities, Athens, Brussels, Kiev, Koln/Bonn, Frankfurt, Lyon, Moscow, Paris, Riga, Vienna, Warsaw as well as a number of cities in Russia and the Middle East. Overland access to Yerevan can be made via Georgia or Iran. There are regular train and bus connections between Tbilisi and Yerevan.


As the conference is supposed to be (at least 3 days) in Yerevan Physics Institute, we have an agreement with the hotel nearby.
The hotel which is relatively nearby the Physics Institute is the following
Olympia Garden, Reservation Department
General Manager: Lilit Badalyan Tel: (+374) 10 271850
Mobile: ( +374)91199903
URL: www.olympia.am
Str.Barbyuss 64 :375028 Armenia / Yeravan
It is necessary to point there that you are participant of
ananikyan70.yerphi.am  ( International Conference on Quantum Magnetism and Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Models (May 11-15 2022,Yerevan, Armenia) )
It is still not very close to conference venue, 30-35 minutes by walk. But, we will arrange a bus.
Welcome party and conference dinner is supposed to be in the Olympia garden hotel. It is located just up the picturesque gorge.
Alternatively, you can book the hotel in the city center, which is more interesting, and here you have a lot of options, particularly, Ibis and Ramada, as you know are very good,
We will arrange a transportation from the city center as well, probably form the YSU, it is 20-30 minutes walk from Ibis and Ramada.
Also, you can look for the hotel "Ani", which is in 10-15 minutes walk, it is soviet period hotel, but it is not bad
Also, Nova Hotel is in 10 minutes walk from YSU and has very high rating in booking.com



Organizig committee e-mail: ananikyan70@yerphi.am
Vadim Ohanyan (chairman): ohanyan@yerphi.am

Mariam Stepanyan (secretary): m.stepanyan@aanl.am